1. The shop is situated near the park and the football pitch.

    Where is the shop?

  2. There are thirty minutes to start the shift

    How many minutes are they?

  3. I have got siblings, a brother who is seven years older and a sister who is three years younger.

    Who is the oldest from the siblings?

  4. We quickly have to send two containers of grocery products to our new client.

    What needs to be sent to our new client?

  5. While working in a warehouse I can gain valuable professional experience

    You can gain professional experience thanks to:

  6. At the beginning of his employment David worked in packing, and after the training operated the production line and worked in quality control

    Where did David work after the training?

  7. Filip says that he will look for a job abroad if he can’t find one in Poland

    When will Filip look for a job abroad?

  8. Holland is a beautiful country, working here gives the opportunity to learn about the culture, sightsee, know interesting people, earn money and what is the most important gain professional experience

    What opportunity does working in Holland give you?