Dialogue 2 – advanced level

Supervisor: Hello David, nice to see you. I would like to have a few words with you. Could we meet during the lunch break and talk for 10 minutes? David: Good morning Mr van Bommel. Yes, of course. I start my lunch break in exactly 5 minutes. S: David, I have been observing your work for the past few months and I really like that you’re so diligent, precise and learn so fast. I have a proposal for You. But first, please tell me why are you really working in Holland? D: It’s simple – I like Holland a lot as a country. I have a chance to meet interesting people and work in my profession. Thanks to stable work and good salary I’m able to plan my future. S: It’s really reasonable what you said. I would like to offer you the position of foreman. You will be responsible for the work of seven people. What do you think about it? D: It’s a very good task for me. Thank you for appreciation. I think I will manage. I can work really hard. I have experience in leading a team – in Poland I was the captain of a football team. I also speak English very well. S: It’s very important for you to prepare for your new tasks. What do you expect from us in connection with your new position? D: I will definitely need a company phone and laptop with access to the Internet in order to be in touch with You all the time and to be able to solve all the problems at work. S: Ok, we will get it for you. You will also get a raise. D: Great. Thanks to this I will not only be able to fulfill my plans connected with getting married with my girlfriend but also go on my dream holidays. S: I’m glad to be able to help with fulfilling your dreams. Tell me, where would you like to go on your dream holidays? D: For many years I have been interested in geography and I’m dreaming of going to South America.

  1. Why did Mr van Bommel chose David as the foreman of his employees.

  2. 2. Where is David going to go on holidays?