Dialogue 1 – advanced level

Supervisor: Good job. David: Thank you. I only do my job. S: It’s true, but we are glad that you are so engaged in your work. What do you think about cooperation with us? D: The most important thing for me is the fact that I can learn a lot. Working with such people like you allows to get new experience. Thanks to that I learn the rules how the warehouses work. S: I’m glad. What’s your education? D: I have finished Vocational Technical High School for Mechanical Studies. At the moment I’m studying logistics at Opole University of Technology. S: Why did you decide to work in Holland? D: To be honest I didn’t plan to go to Holland. But my friend recommended to go to Holland with the E & A recruitment agency. S: If it had been another agency, you wouldn’t have gone to Holland? D: My friend had told me that they were really good vendors, keeping to their promises. I ended up there and they offered me a job in a logistics centre. The wages were ok for me, so taking additional experience into consideration, how was I supposed to refuse? S: What would you like to do when you finish studies? Are you going to look for a job in Poland or maybe abroad? D: Hmmmm, It’s a good question . I have never seriously thought about it because I still have two years left on my studies. It would definitely be good to find employment in Poland. I have a girlfriend and family there . Changing place of living permanently is not my dream. But of course, if I don’t find anything in Poland, I hope that I can find something in your centre. S: I don’t doubt in your skills and ambition. And sure, If you want to find a job in Holland, you know where to find us.

  1. Why did David chose to work in Holland?

  2. Where is David going to work after he finishes studies?