Dialogue 2 – pre-intermediate level

David: Good Morning Mr van Bommel. Supervisor: Hello. Are you full of energy after the Sunday? D: Thank you, yes I am, a lot. S: What did you do last weekend? D: On Saturday I was at work and then I went shopping. On Sunday I went for a walk and got some rest. S: There’s a big amusement park nearby, in Efteling, you must go there. D: I’ll definitely go there. S: That’s great. What did you deal with last week? D: On Monday I cleaned the production hall. On Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on the production line, and on Friday I was taking orders. S: What do you prefer to do? D: I prefer to take orders. S: It’s good because there’s a lot of work here in the warehouse. We need to send two containers with groceries to a new client. Go with two friends to the cold store, please. D: All right. How long are we going to stay there, because I don’t know if we need to take our lunch with us. S: That’s work for all day long, so take it with you.

  1. What was David dealing with on Tuesday

  2. What was David doing on Saturday?