Dialogue 2 – elementary level

David: Hello, I was sent by E&A recruitment agency. Supervisor: My name’s Dirk van Bommel. I’m a foreman. D: Nice to meet you. My name’s David Kowalski. S: It’s half past seven. It’s thirty minutes to start work. D: Where is the changing room? S: Follow me. I’ll show you. S: Here is your locker and this is your uniform. D: Thank you. I’ve got a question. When is the lunch break? S: The first break is at ten o’clock, next one is at twelve o’clock and the last one is at two o’clock. S: Where are you commuting to work from? D: I’m staying in worker’s accommodation in Gemert. S: Just in case, write down my phone number: 00 354 126 789. D: Thank you. Where is the toilet? S: It’s on the left next to the changing room.

  1. 1. Who is Mr Dirk van Bommel?

  2. How many breaks are there?