Dialogue 1 – elementary level

Friend: Hi, I’m Robin, we are going to work together today. David: Hi, I’m David. F: Is it your first day at work? D: No, I worked on Wednesday and Thursday. F: Where are you from? D: From Poland. F: Ooo it’s a an interesting country, I’ve been to Cracow and Gdańsk. And where do you live? D: I live in Olesno, it’s a small but nice town, but Cracow and Gdańsk are really beautiful cities. F: And where are you staying here in Holland? D: In Rotterdam, in worker’s accommodation. Where and who are you staying with? F: In a small village near Rotterdam. How are you enjoying your stay? D: It’s nice. There is a shop, park and a football pitch nearby. F: Do you like football? So do I. Maybe we will play together sometime. D: Sure. What about tomorrow? F: It’s a good idea. I’ve got a day off.

  1. Where does David come from?

  2. Where does Robin Live?